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You've invested in property worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for your piece of "Paradise".

Help protect your property and keep it safe & secure.
Most property damage and insurance claims could be prevented or at least lessened. Did you know? If your home is not occupied or watched by someone reliable on a regular basis, your insurance company may consider it a vacant or abandoned property and deny any insurance claim? If you ever need to file an insurance claim, our documentation will confirm your home has been under regular surviellance while you were away.
Here's what I can do for you!
Monthly service needs can vary for each customer. Usually $80 - $125 per month will cover all of your needs, not a high price to have me check your home weekly and help keep your major investment safe & secure.
Standard Services Include -
  • Collect mail, put inside or take with me for security.
  • Pick up newspapers & flyers thrown in the driveway - don't advertise you're not there
  • Check for any package deliveries
  • Walk around perimeter checking general security of home, signs of forced entry, vandalism, check windows, doors, etc.
  • Check windows and doors locked
  • Check overall property condition, signs of storm damage, wind or water damage
  • Check screened lanai or pool enclosures
  • Check water level in pool & fill as needed
  • Check to see service providers are giving you the service you are paying for (pool, lawn & irrigation, etc)
  • I'll be your local emergency contact
  • Your property looks more like it is occupied

Plus… I'll check & monitor the following:
  • Air conditioning operating and set correctly
  • Doors & windows locked and secure
  • Inspect interior for moisture problems and plumbing failures
  • Check for moisture problems and plumbing failures
  • Check for water leaks from interior sources like hot water tank, A/C system, toilets, etc.
  • Check for signs of mold or mildew
  • See that smoke detectors operate correctly
  • Check refrigerator and freezer are operating correctly
  • Set security lighting to customer's wishes
  • Run water in faucets, shower, tub and flush toilets to keep everything working properly to help prevent dried seals and gaskets.
  • Run dishwasher & garbage disposal through quick cycle to help prevent dried seals
  • Check for evidence of insect or rat infestation
  • Check home for cleanliness and condition after authorized visitors. Ensure home is locked and secure upon vacancy.
  • Put trash & recyclables on street on pick up days
  • Bring in trash cans after emptied
  • Check phones for dial tone and messages. Forward messages if desired
  • Start garaged vehicles to keep them charged and running
  • Check that docked boats are secure
  • I'll be your local emergency contact and your home will look occupied
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More services are available as needed…

Additional Services Offered - as required:
Customized for individual needs. Nominal extra charges vary.
  • Storm Preparation
    • Bring outdoor furniture and plants inside, unplug TVs and electronics
    • Close shutters (if equipped), install hurricane panels/shutters and more as required
    • Check property for damage after a storm. If flooded, notify owners, insurance company and water removal service immediately.
    • Remove shutters, put property back to normal and report to owners
  • Open & close property for the seasonal owner
    (custom plan based on owner needs)
  • Meet and monitor service personnel, or the "cable man", etc.
  • Contractor supervision, "I'm your local eyes here"
  • Meet deliveries, check for expected package deliveries
  • Water plants as instructed by owner
  • Wash cars or arrange for wax & detail services
  • Arrange or provide airport transportation
  • Make interior picture record of each room for possible insurance needs
  • Arrange for service providers, handymen or contractors, maid service, etc.
    (I know who's good and who's not)
  • Local Key-Holder for emergency personnel, contractors and servicemen.
  • On-Call service- for those who need an occasional home check
  • Emergency lock out service- Locked out of the house? Call me, I'll let you in!
Don't see what YOU need.
Don't worry, just call.
We'll figure it out!
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Vacant home management for Manatee County, Anna Maria Island, Anna Maria, Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key