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What can happen… while your home is vacant?
Here are a few example problems, pulled from my old file, that occurred to former home watch customers BEFORE they asked for my help.
  • The power goes out and the food in the refrigerator & freezer spoils. The appliances get full of maggots and the home is permeated with a horrible odor.
  • Papers and throw-aways accumulate in the driveway indicating the home is vacant and could be a possible target for a break in.
  • Wind storm blows a branch through a window. Rain ruins wall, flooring and more.
  • broken windows can happen to vacant houses
  • Pool service quits and pool turns green, runs low on water and pump burns out.
  • Storm blows roof shingle off and rain leaks in. Ruins ceiling, walls, carpet and furnishings. Possible mold issues.
  • Power surge caused electrical breaker to trip turning power off to appliances and the air conditioning system. Mold & mildew everywhere.
  • Package delivered and left by front door. Package missing, most likely stolen.
  • package left at the door tells your not home
  • Air conditioning condensate line plugs, water backs up and leaks on ceiling. Ceiling falls down, water ruins ceiling, carpet and walls become full of mold.
  • Customer is in Chicago. Left passports in home in Holmes Beach and is leaving for Europe in 48 hours. Needs me to get passports and overnight to customer.
  • Raccoon gets in house and "eats & tears up" the inside of the home.
  • Animals can break in and destroy your home
    These are just a few things that can happen.
    If you've ever had a problem in your home while you were away, you know what a pain it can be!
    Click on Protection Services to see how we can help you.
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