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Property Management House Sitter and security watch.
Checks (usually weekly) vacation rentals vacation homes seasonal residents.

Many bad things can happen to your home while you’re away for the summer and your home is left unoccupied. You could have storm damage, a water leak or even an air conditioning breakdown. Then you could have expensive repairs and worse—mold!

My service is Protection Property Watch. I provide an affordable, private, personalized home watch service to help ensure you don’t come home to serious, expensive problems.

I will inspect your home inside and out each week and report to you weekly. If something is not right, you’ve got me here to help. Have peace of mind and keep a small problem from becoming a big one!

Frequent home visits (usually weekly) of your seasonal or vacation home can help prevent costly repairs and unpleasant things from happening to your home while you’re not there.

We are “your eyes here while you’re away.” Ranger Service or watching a home with weekly checks can save you a lot of money and hassle. We are a private, personalized service.

Protection Property Watch inspects seasonal homes, vacation homes and vacant rental properties with the expert eyes of Jon Kent. We answer the question… “Who cares for your home while you’re not there?” We do!

Jon Kent
Jon Kent

Hi, I am Jon Kent…
I have over 25 years of experience in home security and surveillance.
It would be an honor to watch your property while you are away.
Having a peace of mind while away is my specialty.

Ranger Service – “Oversee & Protect”
– Trusted Vacant Home Property Manager
– Help Keep Your Property Safe & Secure!
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Vacant home property management for Manatee County, Anna Maria, Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, Holmes Beach, Lakewood Ranch and Longboat Key.