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Having a secure and safe home is extremely important no matter where you live. Wi-Fi Internet technology for home owners while up North.

Over time, legacy monitoring alarm systems are seemingly disappearing and being converted to a new age of “smart home” personal wifi alarms, remote locks and video security apps. These new internet wifi innovations are more convenient for home owners, property managers, security and monitoring companies. Smart home devices are very affordable and easy to install. Discover YouTube product videos and online instruction guides of ip security easyn cameras, wifi alarms and remote lock control deadbolts.

Is wifi the safest alternative? If your internet is not working, will a personal wifi alarm work? What if your phone or tablet is malfunctioning, will the alarm still quickly catch intruders and send them running?
Realistically, if you want to protect a home full of valuable possessions then nothing beats having an actual person acting as security keeping and eye on your house when you are not there. If you really value what you own and are fearful of losing any of it to theft then having some do a protection watch on your home is the best option to ensure that everything in your home is secure. A human can detect certain things quicker than technology.
Having someone physically watch over your home to ensure its secure is essentially having them be your eyes at home when you are not physically home. They can more effectively spot and prevent any costly repairs or unpleasant things from happening.

A Few Words From Jon:
Hi all,
I thought I’d take a moment and pass something on to you that happened to one of our Property Watch customers. Don’t worry, this won’t take very long. :)I recently accepted a new property watch customer who was going on vacation for a couple of months. They were referred to me by a happy current customer. I met with these nice folks and we discussed their needs and time frame, etc. I told them how much the service would be and they said they’d let me know in a couple of days if they’d like me to care for their home while they’re away.

They seemed a little hesitant. This is not unusual. It takes a lot of trust to turn over the keys to one’s home to a stranger! (Don’t say it… there’s no one stranger than me!)

A couple of days later I got a call and they said they would indeed like me to watch their home while they were gone.

It’s a good thing they had someone keeping an eye on the place.
We averted a disaster!
My normal routine is to visit each home once per week unless there are intense storms that may have caused damage. Then I’ll check again. I checked this home, as normal, the day after these customers departed on a Thursday. My next visit would be scheduled for a week later.

Two days later, on Saturday, I was riding up Gulf Drive and I thought I’d stop again at the new customer’s home, just because it was new to me and I wanted to make sure I had the house set correctly with the water off, A/C set, etc.

I’m sure glad I did stop by again!
The refrigerator had failed, stopped working! No cold!
The food inside was already warm. Items in the freezer were melting. Ugh!
Can you imagine the mess if it had stayed like that for 8 weeks?!

Well I called the customer to let them know and then I threw out the contents of the fridge and cleaned the inside. Fortunately, no smell or stink remained. The problem had been caught just in time.

My reason for sharing this with you is so you can share with others that may be leaving their homes for “just a couple of weeks”. Let them know someone needs to check on their homes while they are away.

I want to thank each of you for your loyal patronage and support. I’ve enjoyed working for you and helping keep your Florida homes safe and secure.

Take care,