TIP #1
With the beginning of the new year, it is a good idea to check the batteries in your smoke detectors. They should be replaced at least yearly. Take a look at each detector. If there is not a date written on the battery to indicate when it was installed, just go ahead and put a new one in.

Some detectors use a 9 volt battery and some use AA batteries. Use good batteries like Duracell Coppertop or Energizer Max. Take a Sharpie and write the installation date on the battery so you’ll know when it was installed next year.

For those of you that have “hard wired” detectors, check to see if those units also have a battery back up in case of a power failure. If so, change those batteries too. If you are unable to get up to these detectors to check the batteries, let me know. I’ll stop by and do it for you. Don’t worry, there’s no charge.
I just want you all to be safe.
Take care,

Tip #2
One of the best things you can do in preparation for your leaving for the summer months is to have your air conditioning system serviced before you go. The summer months put a lot of stress on your a/c system, much more than while you’re here in the winter months. In order for it to do a good job it should be clean and in top running order. It will then run reliably and your home will stay cool and dry throughout the summer. We always check to see that the a/c system is doing its job on each visit. Put this task on your calendar and give you’re a/c service company a call before you go up north for the summer. Remember, a dry house is a happy house!

Tip #3
Before you leave for an extended vacation or for the summer make sure you cancel any newspaper deliveries. If newspapers thrown in the driveway are left to accumulate, it can look like your home is neglected and unoccupied and could be inviting to a possible break in. I pick up those “throw away” papers and anything else that ends up on your property so it appears to be lived in. Put this on your “Before we go up north to do” list and cancel those newspaper deliveries.

Tip #4
Along with not letting newspapers accumulate in the yard or driveway, it is important to stop your mail delivery or at least forward the important stuff (bank statements, etc) and have your mailbox emptied of everything else while you’re away. I check the mail box each week and save the mail for your return. Put this on your “Before we go up north to do” list.

Tip #5
Before you leave for the cooler north, get together with your service providers like your lawn service and pool service. Discuss with them what you expect them to do throughout the summer. I’ve seen where these companies sometimes do a little less than they’re supposed to do during the summer. That’s why I keep an eye on their activities on your behalf.

Tip #6
Save money on your cooling expenses by having a humidistat installed on your a/c system. A humidistat calls for the air conditioning to run when a certain level of humidity is detected in your home. This allows the system to run less during the summer and thus save you money. We’ll check the operation of this too while we are at your house each week.